New technologies

New technologies




The Dubois and Partners team offers comprehensive support for projects involving new technologies. This encompasses the full spectrum of new economic and social phenomena driven by computer-based tools, including artificial intelligence.

In today’s dynamic world, solutions related to new technologies are evolving and improving at a pace much faster than the legislative process. Considering significant gaps and inadequate constructs in traditional civil and commercial law, we seek optimal solutions for our clients.

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the market, facilitating interactions with clients interested in new technologies. We stay abreast of developments, enabling us to advise on transactions involving the transfer and commercialization of know-how and effectively safeguard our clients’ trade secrets.

The experience of our team in the field of new technologies – including technical and practical knowledge – allows us to offer risk analysis related to transactions and agreements involving know-how, trade secrets, and broadly understood intellectual property and intangible assets.

Often, the protection of valuable products of new technologies (computer programs, applications) is only feasible outside Europe. Through our network of contacts, both within and outside the European Union, we can facilitate our clients’ expansion into foreign markets and obtain protection for their intellectual property in other jurisdictions.

Thanks to the versatility of the IP team at Dubois and Partners, we are able to provide comprehensive and swift support in areas beyond the main subject matter, but inherently linked to every endeavor – such as taxation, accounting law, and international law.

Within the practice of new technology law, we offer:

  • Handling of court proceedings related to the protection of know-how and competition law.
  • Ongoing legal advice.
  • Audits concerning know-how and intangible assets.
  • Legal opinions.
  • Contract drafting.
  • Negotiations
  • Tax advice related to transactions and ongoing operations.

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