Industrial Property Law and Food Law

Industrial Property Law and Food Law



The essence of effective protection of industrial property of a company lies in understanding the essence of the entire enterprise or a specific product. Only by putting oneself in the shoes of a potential competitor can key aspects to be protected be identified. Involving Dubois and Partners’ lawyers in the process of creating a brand from the very beginning helps avoid unnecessary costs associated with potential inadvertent infringement of others’ rights. Ongoing audits of marketing activities will allow for faster and more efficient campaign implementation without incurring unnecessary risk.

We understand that speed in protecting industrial property is crucial, which is why we provide our services efficiently while remaining in constant contact with clients. We are prepared to assist clients remotely and to act swiftly – applications for trademarks and designs are made as quickly as possible. The experience gained by Dubois and Partners’ lawyers in proceedings before the Polish Patent Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office pays off in all matters related to the protection of trademarks and industrial designs.

We specialize not only in registration proceedings but also in contentious proceedings. The many years of experience of our industrial property specialists have allowed them to develop a network of contacts worldwide, enabling them to secure our clients’ rights to the widest possible extent territorially. We cooperate with the best foreign lawyers.

We also provide assistance to clients in the food industry, whose activities are subject to EU and national food law regulations. Issues related to industrial property are closely linked to the quality of agri-food products and their labeling, including competition and consumer protection matters. Our lawyers have experience in legal analysis related to innovative products and new foodstuffs.

Within the industrial property practice, we offer:

  • Handling proceedings related to the protection of trademarks and industrial designs in Poland, the European Union, and other countries worldwide.
  • Examination of the registrability of trademarks and industrial designs.
  • Trademark monitoring, enabling the detection of applications infringing existing rights at an early stage.
  • Due diligence in intellectual property matters.
  • Management of intellectual property rights portfolios and monitoring of expiry periods.
  • Comprehensive handling of court proceedings related to industrial property.
  • Drafting warning letters and cease-and-desist demands for infringements of industrial property rights.
  • Legal opinions.
  • Contract drafting.
  • Support in negotiations.
  • Assistance in the commercialization of rights.
  • Ongoing legal advice.
  • Tax advisory services related to intellectual property portfolios.

Our offer is addressed to representatives of manufacturing industries and the industrial sector, including FMCG, producers, exporters, importers, and sellers of food products; representatives of the advertising industry; television and radio stations and producers of social media content, influencers, and creative agencies; the e-commerce market, and other segments of the internet market.

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