Piotr Warfołomiejew

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Reconnected with the Law Firm in 2019 (reconnected because he began his legal career there in the late nineties). He specializes in seemingly unrelated fields: intellectual property law, civil law, tax law, and litigation, including civil, commercial, and court-administrative disputes.

He has been involved in providing comprehensive legal assistance for numerous media and multimedia projects, as well as in numerous litigation and tax cases, often of precedent value.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. He is an advocate and a member of the Bar Association in Warsaw, with many years of experience conducting training for legal trainees and serving as an examiner. Before joining the legal profession, he worked in the production departments of media projects.

He is passionate about various audiovisual, literary, and culinary disciplines, as well as skiing. He observes and studies crustaceans. He believes that there is not enough humor in the world and actively strives to remedy that.