Copyright Law and Related Rights

Copyright Law and Related Rights




We understand that creative activity and the expression associated with it defy templates. We do not offer standard answers, and if it is advantageous for our clients, we depart from established solutions and break routine.

We monitor the development of the media market and new technologies closely. We pay close attention to new solutions and institutions. We adhere to the principle that in disputes related to creative work of any kind, it is necessary to first understand the essence of the work and its connection to the creator, and only then can an adequate and realistic legal assessment be made. We always prioritize the client and their welfare, which we can assess objectively.

An important value of our IP Team is that many of its members, before practicing law, also showed artistic activity, as well as in the field of organization or production. Experience combined with versatility allows us to act efficiently and effectively.

Thanks to the versatility of the IP Team at Dubois & Partners, we are able to provide you with comprehensive and quick support also in areas distinct from intellectual property but inevitably related to any endeavor – such as taxes, accounting law, and international law.

We have experience in handling processes of commercialization, protection, and enforcement of copyright. Negotiating contracts, mediating in the sale of rights, and organizing concerts or artistic events are our daily routine. We can speak the language of our counterparts, which shortens the time needed to find a compromise – if it is the goal of our client.

In the field of copyright law practice, we offer:

  • Comprehensive handling of court proceedings related to intellectual property;
  • Legal opinions;
  • Drafting contracts;
  • Support in negotiations;
  • Support in the commercialization process of rights;
  • Ongoing legal advice;
  • Tax advice related to creative activities.

We offer our services to creators and performers in all fields of art – buyers of art and works, architects, representatives of the entertainment industry, filmmakers, media houses, TV and radio stations, as well as producers of social media content, influencers, and creative agencies.

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