Family and inheritance law

Family and inheritance law




The law firm provides comprehensive services in the field of family and inheritance law. We assist our clients in navigating through difficult processes, including:

  • Divorce (often involving fault determination, during which we particularly focus on the well-being of minor children)
  • Determination of custody and visitation rights with minor children, including cases with international elements
  • Limitation of parental rights
  • Child support
  • Division of assets

Understanding that family matters can be emotionally challenging for our clients, we support them in all aspects of the case to facilitate the smoothest transition through this difficult time. Our assistance includes representation in court proceedings as well as mediation processes. In cases where family law matters involve criminal law issues, we also represent our clients in criminal proceedings.

The law firm also provides comprehensive services in the broader area of inheritance law. We handle cases involving:

  • Determination of inheritance acquisition
  • Division of the estate
  • Forced heirship (entitlement to a compulsory share of the estate)
  • Execution of bequests
  • Disinheritance

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