Personal rights and press law

Personal rights and press law



The law firm has extensive and comprehensive experience in handling cases concerning the protection of personal rights.

We represent clients both in the pre-trial stage and in court proceedings. Considering that timing is crucial in cases of press publications infringing on personal rights, the law firm acts swiftly in the client’s interest to ensure that unwanted materials disappear from the public sphere as quickly as possible.

The law firm represents not only individuals but also legal entities and businesses whose good name and reputation are challenged. To avoid negative consequences in the sphere of activity conducted by these entities, we take actions aimed at protecting their personal rights and thus ensuring conditions for stable business operations.

Our rich experience in cases concerning the protection of personal rights enables us not only to effectively handle cases of clients whose personal rights have been infringed but also to successfully defend against claims from individuals demanding protection of their personal rights. The actions taken in the protection of personal rights not only focus on civil proceedings but also on criminal proceedings for defamation and insult.

We also provide legal support based on the provisions of the Press Law.

The assistance provided to individuals focuses on formulating and pursuing claims related to the dissemination of press publications containing inaccurate or false information. The legal advice provided to legal entities involves analyzing the compliance of prepared press materials with the provisions of the Press Law and the principles of journalistic ethics, as well as formulating responses to claims for publication of corrections under the Press Law.

The law firm represents clients both in the pre-trial and judicial stages and conducts settlement negotiations. The practice of press law also includes preparing applications for the entry and deletion of newspapers from the Registers of Newspapers and Periodicals maintained by District Courts, as well as making changes to these registers, such as editor-in-chief data, publisher data, and newspaper titles.

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