Class action lawsuits; compensations

Class action lawsuits; compensations



Class action lawsuits are currently an underutilized legal institution that allows a large number of people to protect their rights at reduced court costs. We currently represent hundreds of clients in court cases against the State Treasury to determine liability for damages caused by unconstitutional bans and restrictions imposed in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, as well as for failure to declare a natural disaster. The filed lawsuits include entrepreneurs from the gastronomy, tourism (including hotel), entertainment, sports, and recreational industries, as well as clubs and discotheques. We have also advised and consulted on the possibility of bringing class action lawsuits for social groups, including retirees, single parents, and accounting and HR professionals, in connection with the solutions of the so-called Polish Deal.
Our law firm’s services include representing clients in pre-trial and mediation stages, with the support of bodies and institutions representing small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as in court proceedings.
The legal assistance provided by the law firm also covers individual cases related to personal or property damage. We represent our clients throughout the compensation process, both in relation to the perpetrator of the damage or the victim, as well as in relation to insurers.
Legal services are provided, among others, in cases of damages arising from traffic accidents, medical errors, workplace accidents, goods transportation accidents, random events (fire, flood), depreciation of real estate, as well as damages resulting from criminal acts.
Our law firm’s team successfully represents clients in proceedings to obtain disability pensions, as well as compensation, e.g., for the death of a loved one, for harm in the form of suffering resulting from bodily injury or health impairment.

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