Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Bankruptcy and Restructuring




Dubois & Partners Law Firm offers legal assistance in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings at all stages of the procedure. We represent the interests of debtors and creditors, providing advice on bankruptcy optimization and comprehensive protection against bankruptcy.

Our team also provides guidance in implementing less obvious protective measures, such as out-of-court debt restructuring, “standstill” agreements, crisis diagnostics, crisis management, and handling communication processes with creditors.

Understanding the need for prompt action in situations even remotely threatening insolvency, we support entities through a comprehensive analysis of debt structures and the preparation of optimal solutions to mitigate the most burdensome consequences of payment delays.

Increasingly, premature bankruptcy petitions are being filed by creditors in business transactions. Each such bankruptcy petition poses a threat to the existence of the enterprise, thus requiring an appropriate legal response.

We also support creditors in the process of recovering claims under bankruptcy law at every stage. We advise on the selection of appropriate legal tools provided by law, preceded by a thorough economic analysis. We adhere to the principle that every action taken by creditors in the field of bankruptcy law should serve to increase the level of satisfaction of their claims.


The relatively new institution in Polish law, restructuring, is one of the most effective ways to avoid bankruptcy. The authors of restructuring law have provided a range of different proceedings and institutions to ensure protection. However, choosing the appropriate procedure is just the first step towards saving the business.

We assist not only in preparing restructuring applications but also in subsequent stages of the proceedings. We represent our clients in negotiations with creditors, negotiate the terms of arrangements, and provide support in contacts with courts. We act where we are needed, often conducting activities at our clients’ premises – negotiating across Poland and beyond its borders – all to ensure you the opportunity to solve financial difficulties and continue operating in the market.

Consumer Bankruptcies

Lawyers focused on bankruptcy and restructuring provide support in consumer bankruptcy proceedings. We understand the seriousness of the threats arising from the debt spiral. Our experience in numerous and varied consumer proceedings throughout Poland allows us to offer you optimal solutions to solve your problems.

We prioritize an individual approach to your problems, striving to avoid conventional schemes and seeking solutions tailored to your needs.

As part of our social mission for those most in need, we offer pro bono consultations. Individuals in need of such support can benefit from free bankruptcy consultations by using the contact form.

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