Corporate Disputes

Corporate Disputes




We have extensive experience in resolving corporate disputes, both at the pre-litigation and litigation stages.

Our practice in this area focuses primarily on:

  • Meritorious and tactical assessment of the challenge to resolutions of corporate bodies, particularly regarding the annulment of resolutions and actions for their invalidity;
  • Disputes concerning the liability of management board members of limited liability companies for the company’s obligations under, among others, Article 299 of the Commercial Companies Code and tax regulations;
  • Conducting negotiations and disputes arising from non-statutory relationships between shareholders and shareholders of companies, as well as members of their bodies, especially regarding claims arising from share and stock purchase agreements, “options for shares/stocks,” and incentive programs for senior management;
  • Disputes arising from conflicts between shareholders, with particular emphasis on resolving disputes in family-owned businesses and companies resulting from, among others, inheritance or generational change;
  • Matters of liability for conducting the affairs of the company and its representation, particularly directed against former and current members of the management boards of joint-stock companies;
  • Seeking alternative ways to resolve disputes between shareholders, especially those arising from differences in the vision of development and future business strategy, including aiming at the division of the company, its transformation, or the cessation of business operations in its current form and structure;
  • Conducting disputes regarding hostile takeovers of the company or the breach of shareholding disproportion resulting from the abuse of corporate rights or their use contrary to the purpose and original intention of shareholders;
  • Exercising control rights of shareholders and shareholders, including at the court stage and the enforcement of court judgments, e.g., requiring the management board to provide specific documents and information;
  • Developing a long-term strategy aimed at resolving disputes or repelling hostile actions taken against our clients.

We have experience in providing pre-litigation support for corporate disputes. Negotiating company agreements, statutes, and accompanying agreements ensuring proportional “corporate order” in the company is our everyday practice. We can speak the language of our clients, which helps us shorten the time needed to develop appropriate mechanisms, enabling a proper balance of interests in the company and ultimately avoiding the need to escalate disputes to the judicial level.

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