Iwona Wierzbicka

Iwona Wierzbicka_full

Office Manager

Associated with the law firm for over 23 years.

She gained office management skills during over 12 years of work at the District Court for the City of Warsaw, progressing through all administrative levels, culminating in the position of head of the Foundation Registry Section (the only one in Poland at the time) and head of the Department of Judicial Pledges Registry – the precursor to the later National Court Register (KRS). In 1994, she was a co-creator of the database of foundations and non-governmental organizations in Poland, created at the request of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK).

For over 20 years, she has been overseeing the proper functioning of the law firm’s office and ensuring comfort in the work performed by partners and all employees.

She is responsible for liaising with courts and government offices, as well as for maintaining relationships with the firm’s clients in terms of information and financial settlements.

Her musical education allows her to occasionally detach from the dynamism of professional and private life and seek the balance necessary for everyone.