Gabriela Tokarska

Gabriela Tokarska_full

Advocate trainee

Associated with the law firm since 2024.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. During her studies, she served as the President of the Student Scientific Circle of Private Law for two years and as the Vice President of the Scientific Circle of Civil Procedural Law.

Her master’s thesis, dedicated to the issue of consent to the processing of children’s personal data, was written under the supervision of Prof. Dr. hab. Grażyna Szpor.

She is a co-author of monographs and conference presentations in the field of personal data protection law and new technologies law.

She is an advocate trainee and a member of the Bar Association in Warsaw.

Involved in activities of the Central Foundation, she co-created the script for the play “Responsibility” directed by Michał Zadara.